June 2-3 and 9-10, 2018 - 12pm to 8pm

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Hillthelstan: Hero of Hillshire

Hillshire is named for Hillthelstan the Bold, a warrior of great virtue and repute, who saved our village from a monster (some say it was a giant bear, some a direwolf, some a mythical beast) that ravaged the area for years, raiding food stocks, carrying off animals and children and fouling the ground.

Legend has it that he fought the monster with three bold knights, finally dispatching it with his spear, before vanishing into the mists of legend.

The 3 Barons Fair Celebration

Hillthelstan's great combat with the creature is honored each year at the 3 Barons Fair where the Barons Red, Green and Blue, compete for the privilege of winning the relic associated with him, the Spear of Hillthelstan the Bold and holding it for the coming year. It is said a successful competition for the relic insures a good harvest and prosperity, not only for the barony that holds it, but the village as well.

The winner of the competition must accumulate the most tokens for good and noble deeds, great combat, wise rule, and exciting entertainments. This is determined by a vote of the people attending the fair. Throughout the fair day, the people of Hillshire award tokens to the fairgoers, who may then vote for the Barony they feel best represents these ideals. Each fair day, the ballot is counted and announced and on the last day of fair, the prize is awarded for the year.

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The Royal Courts

Meet the Barons and their Courts. Find out what motivates them.


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Meet the Citizens of Hillshire, guilds and historic groups.


The Shows

The Fight Show, Tomato Show, Circus of the Damned, The Crooked Toad.